VoIP or Video WAN Deployment

IP Telephony or VOIP or WAN Deployment

How do I ensure my network will run VoIP properly? If you have a Voice over IP (VoIP) or IP Telephony (IPT) project, many will tell you that your WAN needs to be overhauled or completely re-designed with a new element to it, a new technology or even a new service.

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The list of requirements and recommendations from VoIP/IPT vendors can be quite confusing:

  • Packet loss and latency must be sufficiently low on the WAN to support various voice codecs and technologies
  • The call patterns must be precisely identified for VOIP
  • The WAN existing utilisation and usage must be known and peaking traffic must not exceed 75% of link capacity

VoIP/IPT is more demanding on the network than nearly any other application.

VoIP flows are special types of flows as they are very time critical. Basically they are running in real-time. For traditional flows, a lack of network resources results in the deterioration of the response time. Howvever for VoIP, this results in the service being unavailable. Users are sometimes used to problems with a network. However if the phone system goes down most people will not accept that as easily as a network issue.

IPT data flows are also typically peer-to-peer this results in the traffic being meshed and this meshed traffic is not easily handled by typical QoS type solutions. With VoIP or IPT it is essential that the WAN become predictable and full visibility is achieved across the WAN

Veridical ensure the WAN is predictable. Veridical’s Solution gives you full visibility over the utilisation and performance of a WAN.

We hold your hand through a deployment of a new application and will allow you to make only the necessary adjustments to your WAN that are essentially required and which do not impact performance. Veridical’s optimisation techniques also guarantee the quality of VoIP flows while making sure this new application does not impact and hinder the performance of existing applications.

Veridical will then deliver ongoing support to the WAN and the application. It will give you and your team visibility over the network contribution to the quality of calls.

With Veridical, deploying VoIP becomes as easy as deploying any other new application

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