Veridical are specialists in the application delivery market for more than 10 years. We’re the industry leader in this market and as such have developed specialist in-house tools which combined with our unique intellectual property enables us to have developed solutions for managing application traffic and WAN optimisation.

Utilising our services will give you instant improvements in the quality of the end-user experience utilising your applications.


Blocking and Controlling Skype Useage. You may have email filters to scan for possible leakage, but what about those who use Skype, MSN, Bit-torrent, Hotmail, Google mail, Forums, Blogs, Online file hosting sites.

How can I protect my network from port evasive applications like Bit-Torrent?

We require access to Facebook and other social websites for vetting / HR purposes but need to be able to control our employees from using it for personal use.

Controlling Costs

Veridical can help you effectively manage your Telco Costs today

Change Management Control and Policy.

Imagine the scenario where you are in charge of a large enterprise network spanning globally across different continents and that this served as the common link between several different business entities within your corporation group

Datacentre Consolidation Expertise – Streamline your IT operations by consolidating your Data Center.

Network Planning

MPLS Migration Project and Consultancy – looking towards MPLS

If you have a Voice over IP (VoIP) or IP Telephony (IPT) project, many will tell you that your WAN needs to be overhauled or completely re-designed with a new element to it, a new technology or even a new service.

If you wish to create, monitor and enforce application delivery SLAs

Business Critical Application Rollout and Deployment over network. How to plan to roll-out a new mission critical application over your network (SAP, Oracle, Citrix, etc)

Trust Veridical’s comprehensive solution for disaster recovery for small business with best results. Visit online to know more.


Implement ITIL methodology to streamline the delivery of IT services in your company or organisation

WAN optimisation and application acceleration service

Thanks to WAN optimisation business applications are running smoothly and you are able to deliver an appropriate Quality of Experience to your global workforce

Veridical can ensure a consistent application performance experience for your global workforce over your wide area network WAN

As providers of IT support and Managed Services, with a reputation for trust and reliability, Veridical is the first choice for businesses of all sizes seeking cost-effective IT solutions they can rely on.

With Veridical’s approach we can create application-SLA based services that bring the market leading benefits with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

  • Fast Response Times

    When your network goes down, you don’t just need the very best IT support, you need it now. Veridical offer industry-leading response times.

  • Seamless Integration

    No matter how complex your IT is, we’ll provide an end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates into your network without disruption.

  • Award-Winning Service

    We’ve been ranked within the top 5 IT support & managed service providers in Europe by MSPmentor, work with us and you’ll see why.

  • Perfectly Matched IT Support

    We’ve dealt with the largest government institutions such as the US military as well some fantastic SME’s and startups – whatever your size, we’re ready.