Preventing Confidential Documents Being Sent

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How can i ensure users cannot send confidential documents out of the business through applications such as MSN?

Data leakage cost companies millions and can cost loss of competitive advantages. Most employees leak confidential data without realising.

You may have email filters to scan for possible leakage, but what about those who use Skype, MSN, Bit-torrent, Hotmail, Google mail, Forums, Blogs, Online file hosting sites…

Preventing Confidential Documents Being Sent
Preventing Confidential Documents Being Sent

The Issue

Data leakage comes in many forms, from sending out confidential documents via email, msn and so forth to posting on blogs and forums. Data leakage can cost companies their reputation, their competitive advantages over their competitors and can also be liable to financial penalties depending on the nature of the documents / data being leaked. With so many exit points from the average network, how do you prevent or seriously minimise this?

The Solution

Veridical approach is really in one device – Not multiple devices! With our proven one box solution, Veridical can create rules that can scan packets for files types and key words at the network level, in real time. So ‘confidential’ or a company slogan can be recognised and an action can be performed. Veridical can also create rules against applications and application features.

For example

  • Users can be given access to Skype but block file transfers within Skype.
  • Users can check their hotmail or Gmail for emails, but are unable to send an email or upload files to it
  • Users can download from collaborative websites, but cannot upload to it
  • Users can be restricted to what file types go out over MSN, email and so on. E.g. Deny .PDF files but allow .DOC files
  • Users can even send, for example, word documents through MSN, or Skype but deny documents that have a certain pattern e.g. company confidential within the word document
  • All these rules can be applied do Windows AD users or Groups. Actions can be allow, deny, log, alert, hold and so on

Veridical can give put you in control of your network. The key to control is visibility. This is what Veridical excels at.

Preventing Confidential Documents Being Sent

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