Network Change Management

Change Management and Control within your IT Department

The Issue

Your network is global crossing several different countries and continents and is the critical infrastructure that holds your organization together. The issue you have is that your enterprise network is not constant and many new changes are occurring with new application deployments and remote and constantly moving endusers also cause network changes too.

New applications or updates/patches to already deployed applications are being rolled out with increasing frequency. Every time this occurs, you have to look at the new application’s performance and its impact on the existing traffic flows or sometimes you do not even think about this rollout and hope for the best. There is not enough control of this risky process.

What you really need is to make a plan and look ahead by looking at different scenarios, rewrite new policies and finally monitor and adjust them and then readjust them to fine tune them. All of these are time consuming activities.

Datacenter Consolidation
Datacenter Consolidation

In addition you have an increasingly mobile workforce. They move around from location to location with their laptops, expecting the same applications performance regardless of their location. They sometimes even cripple the performance of the site where they’re working.

  • How can you assure application performance faced with these constant changes in application flow?
  • Should you spend hours constantly re-writing network policies?
  • Should you massively over-specify and over-provision your links?
  • Or should you just ignore the situation?

The Solution

The answer lies in managing the change and this is where Veridical can assist. The network system only requires high-level application performance objectives to be set and not a need to constantly rewrite policies. to classify your Applications need to be classified from the most mission critical to the least mission critical and to enter the resource requirements for each individual user of each application. Even the most complex networks require no more than 25-30 parameters to be configured. Once this has implemented, the system is self-configuring and will adapt to any network configuration. Changes in traffic patterns are immediately recognized and fed back into the optimisation routine, thus guaranteeing the performance and delivery of critical applications.

Deploying a new application is also made a lot easier. Only a few parameters are required. The rest is taken care of automatically. Veridical’s approach leads to no more tedious policy re-writing, no more degraded performance of mission critical applications, no more unhappy and frustated network managers and finally no more unhappy end-users.

Datacenter Consolidation

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