How to Migrate MPLS Network

How to Migrate MPLS Network | Ask The Experts

We are planning an MPLS migration, can you help?

How to Migrate MPLS Network
How to Migrate MPLS Network

The Issue

Imagine the scenario which many organisations are facing. You are running a Frame Relay networks and whilst this has been a traditional and trusted way to run traffic across a WAN you are now looking towards MPLS. MPLS will allow your network to increase its bandwidth to support new bandwidth hungry applications. Say you are rolling out a new application and want to guarantee the performance for the deployment while thinking of VoIP at some point in the near future.

Your telecom operator has suggested deploying its new MPLS network, for which they make the benefits very clear: “any-to-any” connectivity, VoIP compatible, Classes of Service (CoS), low cost…

These are the questions that should be asked:

  • How to manage your traffic matrix over a more open network?
  • Is CoS necessary? If so, how will you define the parameters?
  • Will voice and data be able to coexist on the network?
  • How can you be sure of what will happen when you go lie to this service and what kind of long-term financial gains can you expect?

The answers will allow you to know how your applications and budget will be managed.

The Solution

Veridical will give you the correct information and coupled with our network simulation and modelling service you will be able to see exactly what you need and how the rollout will perform before committing to a “live” scenario. Application traffic is variable, and it is practically impossible to predict coupled with fact that TCP/IP protocol being inherently designed to use all the available bandwidth as fast as possible results in creating a mediocre end-user experience even once the bandwidth has increased. The service providers will commit themselves to the behavior of their infrastructures but there is no guarantee of application performances over the network.

Veridical will provide the layer of automatic and permanent adaptability between your network encompassing both the old, new and your current and future applications. By using the real-time full applications visibility provided by our solution, you will determine if Classes of Service (CoS) are indeed required, and if so, for which type of traffic. While CoS may be a step towards the right direction its simply not enough to give a good user experience. CoS can provide the reactivity and guarantees you need for your critical applications however their bandwidth allocation is inflexible so it leaves a large element of guesswork in their sizing, they don’t automatically evolve over time to match your future traffic needs, and finally they do not provide application performance per user session. Veridical’s solution can provide this.

Indeed, with our dynamic bandwidth allocation and compression solution, you can guarantee good performance for voice and critical applications and automatically adapt to any network condition and traffic evolution.

Veridical’s solution will lead to a structured migration toward MPLS while providing benefits that go beyond traditional Classes of Service

How to Migrate MPLS Network

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