Veridical deliver better Managed IT Services through an ITIL based service management and delivery system which combined with certain elements of Six Sigma quality processes ensure that we are miles ahead of our competition. This is more than a mere bold statement – it is a fact

Read on more for why that is the case and how we deliver our services

Veridical Expert Service Delivery

Veridical’s Service Level Management software is far ahead of anything else currently available in the market. Veridical’s system defines and tracks our client’s SLA (important things such as intial response time, time to develop a resolution and final resolution time). The Veridical system allows us to create and deliver on either very simple or sophisticated service level agreements designed to exactly meet our client’s specific needs.


At Veridical, we use Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) to improve the delivery of IT resources at all infrastructure levels. ITSM is the controlling factor which will be used to overhaul your IT systems and look to align them with your business goals. We also devise an extensive Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) for every client which will enable us to keep track of ITSM targets, improve workflow and achieve optimum service delivery levels network-wide.

We employ advanced service management solutions to ensure 100% effectiveness of any ITSM program. These include Automation technologies will be used at many levels to streamline the processes as much as possible.

Functions that can be automated include:

The Veridical approach will be a major addition to your IT Systems and will allow them to reach new heights in terms of availability and delivery of services. Our Goal at Veridical is to take into account industry leading practises like ITSM and ITIL to allow us to offer the best possible Managed IT Services packages to all of our customers.

How we deliver our Managed IT Services

So how do we apply this to deliver Managed IT service for your organisation :-

Multiple methods for raising service tickets including:-

Advanced Reporting

Reports will be created for our clients to provide an insight into the work that is being done. These reports will typically include:

Veridical Project management system

With our project management system we deliver projects on time and on budget. We can quickly see what’s due, what’s completed and what’s overdue.

Veridical manage the project and its processes, from start to finish, incorporating:

Data Centre

Veridical’s data centre is hosted at multiple locations mostly based in London but also outside of London to cover the North of England too. All of our data centres are with leading, carrier-grade Internet Service Providers. The data centres are fibre optic based facilities with an integrated communications carrier specializing in Ethernet and Transport Data Networking.

Power Infrastructure

We use power feeds from a number of locations which are spread over a set of entry points into the building. We also utilise a backup generator capable of providing a week’s worth of power for use during unexpected power outages.



We use carrier diverse backbone technology and Tier1 providers such as Level 3 ensure uninterrupted connectivity. We also take advantage of fully redundant carrier-class edge routers powered by Cisco Systems to further enhance reliability.


Full caching and advanced load balancing systems are installed to ensure optimum application performance across the entire network architecture.


We utilise state of the art, application aware security systems to ensure that vital customer data is never at risk. The entire network will be protected using industry leading tools that check 100% of the traffic using Layer 7 filtering and will be fully set up to defend against all types of malicious attacks.



Veridical operates using a server farm which will be under constant surveillance to ensure maximum performance. The server farm is made up of physical and virtualised systems which will combine to offer the best possible service. We have implemented full redundancy covering all hardware and software components which we use in our production environment. Redundant Storage, CPU, Power and network interfaces will be put into use on all front servers as well as back up servers.


We look to ensure constant access to files and fast performance across all storage devices. We use a combination of fibre channel and iSCSI SANs to achieve this, while also providing data protection and effective recovery procedures.


Backup checks will be performed hourly to protect against any data loss. In addition, full system backups will be performed every night to minimise the data loss window in the event of a network disaster.

Off-site backups are kept secure in the unlikely event of loss of all data.