Guaranteed End User Application Experiences

Guarantee a consistent application performance experience across your network for your global Enterprise

The Issue

If you had tactically deployed WAN optimisation for networked business applications at sites that previously experienced poor performance. The “pain point” approach worked well, it solved the immediate problem at the relevant sites. So how do you take this to the next stage by getting the the WAN optimisation benefits delivered globally to meet the application performance expectations of the whole distributed organisation.

The issue is that once you solve the problem the benefits of those solutions are not guaranteed over time and that new problems or the same existing ones are cropping up again, affecting the productivity of end users. Maybe the “box” solution cured the initial issue, but there are key causes of performance degradation that have still not been addressed.

Your goal is to ensure a regular and consistent user application experience and performance for your global workforce, at all points across the WAN, all the time and for all applications. But traditional solutions will not give you an answer to your requirements as they are faced with four challenges that prevent the delivery of WAN optimisation on a global scale: –

  1. Efficiency
  2. Scalability
  3. Investment Costs
  4. Management Costs

Furthermore none of them tightly couple their acceleration features with true, global performance guarantee capabilities. Finally they do not address the requirements of all applications, focusing on data transfer flows, leaving aside real-time or interactive applications.

Guaranteed End User Application Experiences
Guaranteed End User Application Experiences

The Solution

Our solution has been designed for global WAN optimisation rollouts. It provides scalability, enabling it to deliver WAN optimisation to thousands of sites. Veridical’s unique management model makes WAN optimisation management workload nearly independent from the number of sites and requires much less effort than the traditional approach. The inherent complexity of large and meshed networks is fully handled by the system. Finally, the system supports innovative deployment options allowing the deployment of devices in a progressive fashion and only in required locations.

We can deliver all the necessary acceleration features that solve any site specific issues preventing applications poor performance and ensuring they are delivered with the appropriate response time. Unlike any other solution on the market those features are coupled with a unique global and dynamic Optimisation capability that deals with competition between flows and between sites for the WAN resources. It ensure that the benefits of acceleration will be delivered in a consistent fashion over time. The solution also deals perfectly with any applications, whether they are of data transfer, interactive or real time nature.

The ability to have visibility features are fundamental in such a strategic WAN optimisation deployment. You need to understand what is at stake first before investing in a global deployment. You will also need to understand the ongoing impact of the technology on application and business performance. The ability to have visibility provides a unique insight on application performance to achieve those goals.

Your enterprise need to gain confidence in the behavior of WAN optimisation to focus on the business benefits this new technology can provide. WAN optimisation has great value on its own for you. But it can become central to the efficient management of the IT infrastructure of your distributed enterprise. Veridical provides a unique service in allowing for the first time the direct ability to turn WAN Optimisation into a strategic tool within your Enterprise.

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