Degrading Application Performance

Degrading Application Performance | Ask The Experts

We are experiencing business and time critical application performance issues, how can this be overcome?

Degrading Application Performance
Degrading Application Performance

The Issue

Imagine you have just rolled-out a new application (e.g. SAP or Oracle Financials) and you had carefully planned to have enough bandwidth; however a couple of months later, end-users are complaining about their applications running really slow and their general service levels.

Your out some typical networking management and monitoring tools which show no problems with the network.

You can rest assured that you are not alone in this situation, 75% of most helpdesk calls are related to application performance not being what it should be and this just shows that the network infrastructure is working correctly.

Then the finger pointing and blame starts to roll in and you are helpless. The issue arises because of this.

In the fight for bandwidth, demanding and bursty applications such as large file downloads or email attachments can take up all the capacity and seriously affect the performance of mission critical applications. Application’s size and user demands typically grow faster than expected. In addition, the traffic running across the network is always more complex than originally assumed – site to site communication can create meshed flows that are not handled by traditional QoS technologies. As a result, the network becomes uncontrolled and some users experience packet losses and application performance degradation.

Traditional Visibility tools typically look at the traffic from a few key locations and also at layer 3 or layer 4. They do not provide visibility over what is going in the whole network. Application performance issues in remote sites also cannot be identified nor solved.

The Solution

To resolve this issue and ensure the correct level of application performance for your end-users you will need a solution from Veridical.

Our solution brings total visibility to the mixed network traffic running across your network. This will allow you to monitor application performance over the whole network and can also guarantee application performance through optimisation.

Degrading Application Performance

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