Cost Center Network

Managing and controlling network costs per department as cost centres

The Issue

Imagine the scenario where you are in charge of a large enterprise network spanning globally across different continents and that this served as the common link between several different business entities within your corporation group. Each business has differing requirements. They are not equally demanding of your network resource. Your network budget is centrally funded and it is not always proportionally linked to the demands that individual business units put on the network. You would like to have a more detailed dialog with heads of departments within the business units and manage your department as a cost center and ideally as a profit center.

Cost Center Network
Cost Center Network

The Solution

Veridical have a solution which will allow just that. By using our unique methods, you can define with application managers clear and specific application performance objectives, and rank their criticality by class of users if needed. For instance, for one business unit’s email maybe a non-critical application, whereas for another it is crucial – e.g. for traders in a bank.

Our solution will protect organisational critical applications in all scenarios and will produce both specific and aggregated monitoring reports. A charge back module then allows the billing of each business unit based on their network use; the “amount” of critical applications consumed and the level of service received against commonly agreed objectives.

With Veridical’s solution network management becomes a business function that can even generate profit!

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