Controlling Telco Costs

Controlling Telco and Telecom Costs

The Issue

Telcos are always reducing their prices in this cost sensitive area of the market. However despite regular price cuts, you still notice that your total telecom costs have not really reduced. Your CFO or FD has read of telecom price reductions in the news and is asking why the telecom budget remains static and that lately it has even been increasing sometimes. You try to explain that it is due to bandwidth increases. “Increase for what?” “Do we really need these increases?” they ask. You are thinking yes, but you lack facts to answer correctly and accurately. It get even more complicated when you are asked for future estimates based upon facts which you do not have.

You are frustrated by your conversations with your CFO or FD. You feel trapped between your end-users / requests and your management’s demands.

Controlling Telco Costs
Controlling Telco Costs

So what is the reality of the situation?

Like nearly every other organisation, your telecom price cuts have been been negated by increased traffic across your WAN that ranges between 30% to 50% a year. This traffic increase is caused by an exponential expansion in email and internet usage and by new applications that are created for the comfort and efficiency of vital end-users but with complete disregard for optimal network utilisation.

Your colleagues and also your managers are used to high-speed internet at home and see the corporate network as a never-ending inexpensive resource couples with this they have become unrealistic in their requests for best practices.

It’s time for you to take control of your network.

The Veridical solution provides you with full application visibility across your network enterprise. You know which applications use what amounts of bandwidth. Veridical’s solution allows you to prioritise your applications by mission criticality, e.g. email might not be as critical as your ERP system. Finally, by using our unique optimisation methods, we guarantee the performance of your critical applications. Blind increases in bandwidth are no longer the only answer to poor application performance.

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