Combining Internet VPN’s and MPLS Functionality

Ensure QOS on your Business Applications for an Enterprise Rollout

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You have deployed a global network to connect each branch offices to your datacenters. Thanks to WAN optimisation business applications are running smoothly and you are able to deliver an appropriate Quality of Experience to your global workforce.

You are using a unified network service to simplify operations across your WAN. You have confidence in your network but you need to further ensure business continuity by mitigating the risk of relying on single links to ensure site connectivity. You have deployed such a technology on your main sites but because of costs reasons, a full redundant network with dual links on each branch is not an option. Furthermore, at your redundant sites, secondary links are typically handled using a backup model and not a load sharing model. The secondary capacity is used only when the primary link fails. In normal situations, the capacity of the secondary link is therefore wasted.

In many of your locations cheaper connectivity options such as Internet xDSL, that can be used in conjunction with IPSec to protect the company flows, are available.

Despite lower service levels and lower security, those links, if they were intelligently associated with your primary network service, could dramatically increase both the overall delivered quality of experience and business continuity while maintaining full security for your company flows.

Veridical can enable Enterprises to gracefully and efficiently combine the benefits of the robustness of business grade WAN services with the flexibility and cost effectiveness of xDSL links. This feature intelligently balance traffic among multiple links by dynamically selecting the optimal network path for each session, without wasting network resources at anytime. It allows to maximize both application performance and access link usage through a selection based both on the actual network performance and the Application Performance Objectives.

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