New Business Critical Application Deployment

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How do we roll-out a new mission critical application over our network?

New Business Critical Application Deployment
New Business Critical Application Deployment

The Issue

Imagine the scenario your organisation is about to deploy a new critical application, such as as Oracle which is going to be run traditionally or through a thin client or virtualisation technology such as Citrix. The Applications teams having been working solidly on this project rollout for 6 months and have invested a small fortune in this new application which will become the essence of the processes running in your organisation.

As a IT or Network Manager you are aware of this new application but have not been involved in most of the discussions. The thing that concerns you is that the network’s performance will be crucial for the overall application performance. So now the time has come to “go live” date and you are concerned.

  • How will your network behave with the new application running ?
  • How will the new application affect the other network application’s performance which are also critical to the business ?
  • You think that you will need 3 to 6 months and perhaps some consulting help to roll-out this new application correctly but you need some help to justify this spend both in terms of the political situation and also the financial one.

You have already tested the new application in your lab and collected network performance and capacity data to ensure that the network will support the new traffic. To be safe, you also ran a pilot with a limited number of end-users. you will then design adequate policies that guarantee the new application performance while protecting existing ones.

Finally, you have implemented these policies device by device and been monitoring and manually adjusting them. If you have been careful you most probably have over-provision your links and their capacity as its better to over specify than under. The obvious question now is do you know if this new application will seamlessly roll in as per your expectations or do you need something concrete to ensure that it will actually work.

The Solution

Do you think deploying a new application should be that risky and time consuming?

At Veridical we have the perfect new application deployment solution for you. We have created a system that makes rolling-out new critical applications easy and secure. Using our solution, you simply need to know the resource requirements of the individual user of the new application our system will take care of the rest. By utilising its optimisation function, the performance of the new critical applications will be guaranteed while still protecting the existing critical applications.

If despite optimisation, the bandwidth on some links is still insufficient, it will tell you so and only impact non-critical applications. You could then either relax non-critical applications service levels or increase the bandwidth in a very targeted and precise fashion taking the guess work and more importantly risk out of the project

With Veridical, deploying a new application is simple.

New Business Critical Application Deployment

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