Applications Running on your Network

What Applications are Running on your Network

The Issue

If you organization is fairly distributed with many business units and if your company might have even grown through several mergers or takeovers. So now your company network is a mix of many networks merged together but your business units are still running fairly independently.

However, everybody agrees that the WAN should be centrally controlled and managed on a common platform and infrastructure. The problem is that despite these agreed-upon objectives the independent business units have started of rolling-out new applications without informing you. You only have an approximate idea of applications running over your WAN or are sometimes informed after they have rolled-out, which causes serious incidents of application performance deterioration and end users are complaining that the networks “does not work”

Applications Running on your Network
Applications Running on your Network

The Solution

Veridical can let you know in advance and control the applications running over your WAN…

The Veridical solution to this issue is to allow you to do just that. By using our layer 7 devices and their application discovery feature, you can discover applications in real-time.

Not only you will know if a new application has been rolled-out without your knowledge, but you also have the assurance that it will not affect the existing critical applications performance through our unique optimisation solution.

The Veridical Solution will not allow unauthorized applications to impact the WAN performance.

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