Service Level Agreements (SLA) for Applications

Application Performance SLA

The Issue

Ultimately for many businesses what is the most important function or process is the application and therefore the end-user experience and efficiency in using the application is essential.

Would you like to be able to define, implement and monitor application-centric SLAs.

This is very different from the traditional SLAs offered by your telecom service provider. Of course they being have their place are essential but they don’t tell you much about end-to-end application performances over the network and end user experiences.

Your telecom service provider is telling you a new SLA linked to their CoS offering is the solution to all your network problems. These telco SLA’s are based on indicators such as packet losses or transit delays. But these indicators are not directly linked to the performance of applications, they are based on simulations and they are not end-to-end. What you want are SLAs representative of the performance of applications, based on real delivered quality and covering the performance end-to-end.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) for Applications
Service Level Agreements (SLA) for Applications


Veridical have a solution to this issue with a system that allows monitor of all running and business defined applications in real-time, the network contribution to quality of experience of the real end-user flows using high-level indicators specifically ITU’s Mean Opinion Score (MOS). This is achieved using a central management software and dedicated appliances, deployed at the edges of your WAN. The Veridical Solution defines acceptable application performance with the end-users. The system will then utilsing its optimisation function, guarantee that you receive the defined performance level for mission critical applications and monitor the services received against these SLAs for all applications.

Veridical complements the typical and traditional Telco network SLA by a higher level application aware SLA.

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